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Do You Have A Garden Project We Can Help With?

Why Herringtons?

Our founder, Daniel Herrington, with decades of experience in groundworks and construction, set up Herringtons in 2012 to provide a high-quality service in the Bristol/Bath/North Somerset area. Daniel has always believed in high professional standards, and can present all the certifications required to fulfil challenging landscaping, groundworks and site management responsibilities.

What We Offer

Customer focused – we are satisfied when you are satisfied.

We will not cut corners – including the hidden bits below ground!

Work to best-practice professional standards.

High quality yet cost effective.

Easy to work with, flexible.

Serving The Customer

At Herringtons we understand that serving the customer comes before everything else. From the stage of initial planning all the way to completion we will discuss options with you and explain any aspect of the work. Our goal is to create lasting value for you:- the ultimate owner of the work we do. We will always be focused on meeting your requirements absolutely.


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