Freshford, near Bath

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The challenge here was to build a completely new double driveway entrance in place of the single entrance that was there before, but to do it such that it is not obvious that a major change has occurred. The public lane outside is narrow and steep, so managing the transitions from that gradient to the existing driveway inside and a new driveway alongside was not simple. Each driveway had significantly different gradients and contours one to the other, just to add further interest! Many tons of spoil were removed from site in the course of regrading for the new driveway such that it was fully in harmony with its surroundings.

New setts were laid at the entrance from the lane, together with the required slit-drainage arrangements to prevent the sloping driveways from discharging rainwater on to the public highway. Further, lines-of-sight for traffic on the lane and exiting the drives were improved.

This was another one of those projects where, when it is finished, the main work content become invisible to the average onlooker, in this case all that regrading, excavation and spoil removal to achieve a natural-looking result.