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When we purchased Tenby Lodge, the garden presented a number of issues that had to be overcome. The terrace had been built but did not integrate with the garden, having no obvious routes to the lawn. The ground levels adjacent to the house were above the damp proof course, the drive access was poor and, as the site is overlooked, the provision of privacy was key.

Having drafted up a plan the details were discussed with Herringtons and a layout formulated that addressed both the structural problems and aesthetic requirements. Herringtons’ suggestions and practical advice were excellent as was the anything-is-possible attitude.

To address privacy we decided on using a close mesh wooden trellis to shield the garden. We chose the slate paving and granite setts to sit well against the house and then tried to maintain a limited palette of materials in the garden. The pergola provides a visual link from the drive to the house and the use of oak adds substance to the design.

The introduction of steps was a key factor in linking the house and garden. Designed to be generous and sit well within the gardens they provide a gradual transition between levels and key focal points.

The planning of lighting at the outset allowed an invisible fixing of LED lighting in the garden for both aiding access and visual lighting of features.

During construction a number of issues were resolved. The terrace retaining wall had been poorly built and had to be reconstructed, soakaways were added to drain the paved area, drains were lowered and disguised and the drive entrance was widened and doors modified to suit.

The quality of workmanship was high with great attention paid to jointing of materials and finish of the stonework. The work completed on foundations for the terrace was thorough and resulted in a “bowling green” flat surface.

Herringtons sourced all materials and labour to support the build together with the removal of all waste from site, handing over a finished space ready for planting.