Weston Village, Bath

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A late-Victorian villa where the last major garden layout decisions were taken in the 1950s.

Substantial reprofiling of the back garden was needed, to allow more light into the kitchen, and provide better turning and parking space for cars – all without altering the character of the garden overall. Looking at  the completed project, nobody would guess that over 250 tons of spoil were removed from the site before the construction of the substantial retaining walls that control any further slippage of soil down towards the house.

The opportunity was taken to divert the roof rainwater from the main drainage system into substantial underground storage tanks, providing fresh water for the garden and also a new pond and bog-garden, all overflowing into deep soakaways under the drive.

The drive was regraded, provided with steel edging and a system of lights discreetly positioned in the adjacent borders.

The complexity of the site required a full measured survey in advance so as to ensure we ended up with intersecting retaining walls that harmonise with the site overall.