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Garden construction is an intricate process that involves careful planning, skilled craftsmanship, and an understanding of both horticulture and landscape design.

1. Consultation and Planning

Every successful garden project begins with a thorough consultation. This initial phase involves discussing your vision, preferences, and budget. We will assess the site, considering factors like soil quality, sunlight exposure, and drainage.

2. Site Preparation

Once the design is finalised, the site preparation begins. This stage involves clearing the area of any unwanted vegetation, debris, and existing structures. Depending on the scope of the project, it may also involve grading the land to ensure proper drainage and levelling the site to create a stable foundation for hardscaping elements.

3. Hardscape Installation

Hardscaping is the backbone of any garden design. It includes all the non-plant elements such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and water features. Skilled craftsmen work to install these elements according to the design plan, ensuring that they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Plant Selection and Installation

The plant installation phase is where the garden truly comes to life. We will select plants that suit the local climate, soil conditions, and the overall design aesthetic. This includes trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground cover. Planting is done with consideration for spacing, growth patterns, and future maintenance needs. Proper planting techniques and soil preparation are crucial to ensure the health and longevity of the plants.

5. Irrigation and Lighting

To keep the garden thriving, a well-designed irrigation system is essential. This can range from simple hose bibs to complex automated sprinkler systems. The goal is to provide adequate water without wastage. Additionally, landscape lighting can be installed to enhance the garden’s beauty after dark and provide safety along pathways and around features like patios and water fountains.

6. Finishing Touches and Maintenance

The final touches are what make a garden feel complete. This can include adding mulch to flower beds, installing garden furniture, and placing decorative elements like sculptures or birdbaths.

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Header photo by Amy Harrison on Unsplash